Why WSBT ?

Deflationary token model with 8% transfer fee that is burned.

Own Substrate network secured.

WSBT takes the prediction market to another level with Chainlink oracles and a metachain allowing
for mass interoperability with precision accuracy.

Cross-Chain Token Launch Standard – Polygon, BSC, Substrate

Perfect team – Fully Doxxed, experienced team: 4 founders with 10 years of experience.

Native $WSBT platform creates on-chain, permission less prediction markets with shared liquidity.

Integrated with Chain link.

Oracle based prediction tools for real-life crypto events( Nft, Metaverse & Esports )

  • built onSubstrate
  • ultra deflationary
  • Metaverse monetization framework enabled
  • Metachain jurisdiction secured for platform launch

Hitting the market with very low initial mcap. For more details

This could go on a crazy money printing crusade!

Listed on CoinGecko:


Listed on CMC:


Contract: 0x7f4e04aA61B9a46403c1634E91Bf31Df3Bc554CF

Website: https://wsb.sh/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wsb_sh

Telegram: https://t.me/wsbsh

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