$BON Shatiro on Solana CTO

$BON Bon Shatiro on Solana! CTO Solanas HOTTEST meme! $BON LAUNCHED 24 HOURS AGO! CTO HYPED CA: 6bPFbxgpsFZg6WDruj7vrodq4GY7K7TmqUnAm1byu3PW Trade-able on Raydium and Jupiter! Key points! -Dev Fully Sold out! -CTO over 1,300 holders and members in TG -Current MC 650k and growing -$4.05M volume in 24 hours -Supply 1B tokens 100% in circulation -MEME EXTREME […]

Welcome to the Moonwalk Metaverse with Meikel Jekson!

Step into the sparkling world of Meikel Jekson, the hottest new sensation on the Solana Blockchain, redefining the legacy of “The Keng Of Pup” with a cryptographic twist. Are you ready to make history? Grab your virtual glitter gloves and prepare for the moonwalk adventure of a lifetime! Why Meikel Jekson? Because “Smooth Criminal” is […]

Cyberopolis | PRESALE | Last 48 Hours Saw Insane Growth | NFT Collection Coming Soon | Biggest Metaverse in the Making!

Charting New Frontiers: Cyberopolis, Solana’s Futuristic Metaverse Ambition with Cyber Girls NFT Collection. PRESALE : https://cyberopolis.net/ Cyberopolis represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology, immersive experiences, and boundless creativity, offering users a dynamic and interactive space to explore, connect, and create. With its launch, Cyberopolis introduces a new era of digital innovation, where the boundaries between […]

SolBase-AI – Last day of presale! | Incredible ecosystem | Investment pools, trading bots, copy trading, NFT utilities | 0/0 tax for trades | CEX listing announced | CMC & CG application confirmed | Amazing marketing scheduled

Hey all, check what I found! A token in its final day of presale that has a utility, audited and its team is KYC’d! It leverages meme=inspired concepts by offering multiple methods to generate profit from. Fill your bags! Connect with the SolBase-AI telegram community via linktree: https://linktr.ee/solbaseai Presale details: https://twitter.com/SolBase_AI/status/1777762605014106566 Key Features of SolBase-AI: […]

Presale | OPZ | Erc-20 | Advanced Crypto AI Analyst | Android & iOS Apps Live | Dapp Browser | OPZ-NFC | Deep Market Analysis | Real-Time Trends | News Analysis | Next 100-1000x Moonshot

OPZ – Your Advanced AI Crypto Analyst Welcome to OPZ, where the future of crypto analysis means staying ahead, covering over 10,000 coins with real-time, actionable insights. Presale Link: https://opzfinance.com/ Deep Market Analysis Explore market depths with AI-driven analysis, spotting trends efficiently. Real-Time Trends The AI personalizes real-time market data to align with your trading […]

OAT Network: Unveiling the Future of Bittensor’s Decentralized Computing

Introduction In a landscape ripe with possibilities for decentralized computing, OAT Network emerges as a pioneering Layer 2 solution tailored for the Bittensor ecosystem. With its launch scheduled on the 15th of April at 5 PM UTC, OAT Network promises to inject diversity into the $TAO ecosystem, providing developers with a versatile platform for building […]

The Meow Manifesto: Purring Towards a Memeworthy Future

Unifying the Feline Forces Meow! Hear the call of the Cat Memecoin revolution! No longer shall the dominance of the dog memes reign supreme on the leaderboard. Meow stands as the symbol of feline unity, rallying all cats to join the movement and reclaim our rightful place atop the memecoin throne. Mission: Personalized Pet Care […]

$REBBUL gev wing, mek stronk! Just launched on pumpfun Massive moonshot potential

Know how Red Bull gives you wings? Well, Rebbul gev wing and mek stronk! 🐂🚀 But let’s get serious for a moment (just kidding, we’re never serious here), Rebbul is a hilarious memecoin parody of the energy drink giant Red Bull, except instead of boosting your energy levels, it’s here to make you laugh and […]

WOLF on Base|Bullish|$1Billion MC Target| Alpha Team and Community| No BS|

Launched April 2nd on Base Chain. No presale and private sale. Listed on CG on the Weekend. $Wolf on Base Chain is a no BS project with one of the most dedicated teams and safest communities out there. The community and team are the most resilient on the BASE chain pushing an incredibly bullish Matt […]