Have you heard about $VoteDoge yet?

VoteDoge is the kind of politician we need, one who wants to bring fairness, unity and joy to the entire world! We need your help to spread our message, which is why we are more active than ever! We are a 4 month old community-driven project, and that’s why we also want YOU! Join VoteDoge, […]

Chuck Norris in crypto?

https://dexscreener.com/solana/8uwplrhuyxuxy2tbsjckbv7ltreqvovbbre1hy5yfmyn Should i give 10$ or is it a shizlecoin? submitted by /u/explicit322 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

$DBTG | Just a dog behind the glass

Let me put you guys onto something and you can all thank me later. Have you all heard of $DBTG? Its literally just a dog behind the glass. A snippet from a viral video shows our cute boy in his most pixelated form. The meme potential of DBTG is unlimited. Our meme has also been […]

Cthulhu is having an airdrop on latoken!

Last week Cthulhu got listed on its first CEX, Latoken. Today they continued their campaign with an airdrop at latoken! Listme on latoken was big step for this one month old project. Latoken has a daily volume of 1.000.000$+ and many potential new investors. As we speak the team is planning to list on its […]

Transform Your Crypto Experience with Pumpkr3w: Unlock Premier Insights and Expert Analysis

Tired of seeing promising projects disappear overnight? Step into a new realm of reliability with Pumpkr3w’s Telegram community—a sanctuary for those who value integrity and transparency in the volatile crypto market. Why Choose Pumpkr3w? • In-Depth Analysis and Expert Scrutiny: Our team meticulously examines each cryptocurrency, prioritizing your safety and the potential for growth. We […]

Crypto Fiverr on Solana Update

Made a post here about 3 weeks ago introducing you guys to SolHive so just wanted to put out an update since a couple bullish things have happened since then. The $HIVE team underwent a KYC with CoinScope to prove their legitimacy and commitment to the project for the long run. They also teamed up […]

$Kendu [125000000 market cap] is the moonshot that could change defi forever

Bullish Technical Analysis of Kendu Inu Current Price and Market Position As of now, Kendu Inu is experiencing strong bullish momentum. The token has achieved a remarkable market cap, reflecting its growing popularity and robust community support. Its peak ranking of #218 among cryptocurrencies within just four months signifies rapid adoption and interest. Community-Driven Growth […]