Thrive Bonds “Finances That Flurish” Payment Will Be made at 50% directly to holders, and 50% back to the yield boxes. That 50% that comes out will be split like this. So : 50% distribution to holders 5% marketing 5% dev 5% to the team. 35% yield boxes to continue buying bonds for our holders, Produce marketing and help the ecosystem. This is a simple bonding process. We will start with one set of bonds that start at .02 BNB per bond. For every 250 bonds that are minted, we will raise the price by an undetermined amount of BNB. Meaning that we will start small and work our way up. Now there will be 3 series of bonds to come. Then we will cross-chain. We can have them however you guys want based on price. I personally think a .1 bond for tier one would be good. Then set a .25 to .75 BNB sliding scale bond. Then the big boy bonds, .75 to 1.25 bonds for big players. We will revisit those numbers later. There will be a max TX adjustable as we go. This means that we will start at a 10 max TX and work our way up every so many bonds. Raising the TX by one or two means people will be able to obtain more bonds with BNB that they weren't able to put back in. Now we saw a company try this and fail. We figured out why, as the people on the back end come on it's too much to catch up to with the max tx and rewards slowing down from fewer mints. We have found a way to solve that issue and spice it up. Daily giveaways will be 1 bond to a lucky winner. Giveaway qualifications will only be eligible to only one person. They will have to have purchased a bond in the last 24 hours. Best of luck guys.



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