The metaverse is close to opening

The basic non VR avatars are complete. The dev is finishing the VR avatars now before recording a high quality walkthrough of the live metaverse bar.

The in game characters will be higher quality, better mechanics and customizable. These are just the first round avatars for the metaverse bar.

Here is a teaser:

The dev has built interactive Metaverses, one token in particular they worked on run 185X in a matter of weeks to a $130M marketcap

In around 2 weeks $BFIGHT patrons will be able to enter the metaverse bar as 1 of 8 characters, on both VR and PC. The bar will hold Friday and Saturday night community events and run competitions to win $BFIGHT from the rewards pool.

The bar also plans to hold AMAs, stand up comedy nights, invite crypto celebrity’s, UFC and MMA fighters in for interviews.

Once the metaverse is open, we will make staking live then finish the game and wagering.

Buy link for $BFIGHT:

  • 2% max buy, 2% max wallet

  • 5% buy/sell fee – 3% to LP, 2% to marketing

  • LP is locked, team tokens locked

The first rule of the bar: you do talk about the bar. Join the Barfight community!

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