In the vast sea of meme coins, $SEAT emerges as a unique beacon, drawing inspiration from Chris Hansen’s iconic television show “To Catch a Predator.” The project’s name pays homage to Hansen’s signature phrase, “Please take a Seat,” used to confront suspected predators. But $SEAT isn’t just about memes; it’s about making a tangible difference in the fight against human trafficking.

Investing in meme coins often feels like a gamble, with risks of rug pulls and scams. However, $SEAT stands out not only for its potential financial gains but also for its commitment to a serious cause. The project’s community, active on platforms like Telegram and Twitter, shares personal stories and discussions on human trafficking, shedding light on the grim realities of exploitation.


The upcoming animated series intends to celebrate crypto culture by an interview like setting where Cris Hensan interacts with different crypto personalities and characters. The scenes are also scripted in a way to include several crypto references and Easter eggs so most of the crypto audience can be engaged.


The community began to leave upvotes on the unverified CMC page for $SEAT and managed to leave hundreds of upvotes. $SEAT got approved by CMC after relentless efforts of the dev who delivers what he promises. the listing enhances the authenticity of $SEAT in the present memescape and foreshadows the future listings that might pop up in the coming days.


$SEAT has cross community partnerships, and is attracting bigger and bigger buyer numbers and coin purchases (whales) every day. With the Dev’s OTC trading expertise, it’s attracting not just avid Memecoin apes, but retail investors. It’s a fresh space in the memeverse and it is highly recommend that you give it a look, and then join the inevitable moonshot. Presently the distribution is pretty even and no single holder posses more than 2% of the total supply. The unique part is probably that most of the community is made up of veteran OTC stock traders who are well conversant with the technicalities involved in trading. Therefore, even during profit taking the holders are considerate enough to not damage the chart; making it unruggable.


The $SEAT project is backed by concrete actions outlined in its road map. Significant donations have been made to anti-human trafficking organizations, with $8,000 donated to “Operation Underground Railroad” upon reaching a $1 million market cap, and another $8,000 at $2 million. This donation scheme will continue with each doubling of the market cap, demonstrating the project’s ongoing dedication to its cause. The next donation is right around the corner and will be made at 4M MC.


An important moment for $SEAT is during a Twitter Spaces session, where the community discussed strategies for combatting human trafficking within the realm of cryptocurrency. This event underscores the project’s authenticity and galvanized broader support for its mission. Moreover, last week, the dev himself appeared in a YouTube interview and discussed the project live. As previously claimed, he is a veteran OTC stock trader and is well renowned in the stock trading community.


The token has a merch line running that is renewed every week. The profit from all the sells is utilized to burn tokens so that supply can be reduced even further. Similarly, giveaways are done frequently to attract new potential hodlers and to shed more light on the project. An NFT line is presently in planning phase and may be announced in near future.


At present, $SEAT is experiencing rapid growth, with new all-time highs being made frequently. The project’s tokenomics are solid, with a locked liquidity and immutable supply, providing investors with confidence in its long-term viability. $SEAT is available on Jupiter and Raydium and detailed instructions for new comers are displayed on the website. The token also made it to Jupiter’s Strict List, which will help more buyers and also proves the authenticity of the project.

As $SEAT continues to gain traction and make strides in its mission, it’s more than just a meme coin—it’s a movement with a purpose.


  • Total Supply: 994,688,087
  • 100% Locked Liquidity
  • 100% of Liquidity Tokens Burned
  • Immutable (No more tokens can be minted)

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