Have you noticed how your twitter timeline has been flooded with posts about base lately?

That’s not by accident…

With over 100 million retail wallets, institutional relationships & exponentially growing volumes…

Coinbase has undeniable momentum.

With this bullish narrative, I believe catching the right play on base can send you way farther than ever expected.

Thats why I’m here today..

To present you with an early opportunity I recently found.

It’s a brand new token set to launch on base..

Art and website are the first things I look at to decide if I feel bullish.

Right now they’re setting up to have a presale in the coming days.. Your chance to get in before everyone else.

With a solid community of almost 500 people pre launch the word is spreading.

On top of that, they have a very well-connected team and have access to big influencers and KOL’s and many advisors helping them.

With the base meme narrative going crazy right now…

It’s only a matter of time before this sends.

The project is called the Book of Base. $BOBA is a cunning owl on the base network.

With the memeability potential of this project… I can see $BOBA reaching billions this cycle.

Presales like this don’t come around every day… This one can easily be a 10-100x post launch.

Don’t fade this one.

I’ll leave the socials below, you won’t want to miss it:


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