Get ready to dive into the world of BAMBIT, the coolest panda-powered memecoin on Solana! Here’s everything you need to know:

🚀 Launch Date: JUNE 11th 🚀



  • Dexscreener, Dextools Social Updates
  • Double Buybot Trending on Launch
  • Fast-track CMC & CG Listings
  • Massive Marketing Campaign: Featuring popular YouTubers, TG callers, and X influencers
  • LP Burned at Launch
  • InterFi Network Audit Report
  • No Tax

BAMBIT Features:

  • Virtual Credit Card: No KYC needed! Top up with crypto and use it on X, TG, Google Pay, Spotify, and more.
  • NFTs: 800 unique NFTs with real utility.
  • Games: One game will be out before the presale, with more coming after launch.
  • Merch Store: Generates funds for marketing, buyback, and burn.
  • Comic Shill Materials: Unique comic-style shill materials at the bottom of our website. Hand-drawn for that extra BAM-tastic touch!

Marketing Plans:

We’re kicking things off strong with a solid launch, focusing on the EU and USA. Then, we’re heading to Asia, where we believe our panda-powered memecoin will be a massive hit!

Join us on this epic journey and become part of the BAMBIT revolution! Let’s roll, pandas! 🐼🚀💥

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