Our economy still doesn’t look good. Many of us are struggling in our daily lives, inflation made everything more expensive while our wages stayed basically the same. Some people consume less and some consume the same while going into debt or spending savings.

Crypto investors are waiting for retail to come….but we are the “retail”.

Many of us “retail” came from the spectacular 2021 bullrun. When Covid happened, many of us sat at home, bored, having excess liquidity (no vacations due to lock-down) and gambled money on crypto.

This “retail” either stayed in crypto or left crypto for good.

The “other” retail we’re waiting to come this cycle won’t be coming…why?

Because everyone who was interested in crypto, were “recruited” in the Covid-times. Anyone who wasn’t interested in crypto, won’t be interested in crypto, no matter if we hit a new ATH, not even magic barriers like breaking $100k.

Am I saying that there’s no bullrun to come ever again?

Nope, a bullrun can come primarily from institutional investors through the 2 approved ETFs.

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