It’s time to secure your Reddit account and its Vault

As for the news today, this sub’s coin is to hit main net in a not-so-distant future. With this, it is now time for you to secure the access to your Reddit account and therefore it’s vault. For this, set-up two-factor authentication (2FA). Activate 2FA on your Reddit account, preferably from an app (and not […]

Today I’m handing in my two week notice at work

As the title says, today I will be handing in my two week notice at work… Nothing is wrong with my job, I love what I do actually. It’s just that something better has come up, an opportunity I just cannot pass up as it seems too good to be true. Moons are going to […]

Appreciation post to all the MOONS devs

You guys stayed in the shadows, working, probably lurking on the daily watching us complain why there were no moons news. But today we find out you guys are delivering what everyone on this sub so eagerly expected since moons were announced. I hope the process goes smoothly and the team as focused on security. […]

Pack your Moons, we’re moving to mainnet!

Hello hello everyone in r/cryptocurrency! For those of you who have been following Reddit’s Community Points project, you may be aware that the system behind Moons has been living on something called a “testnet”. After a couple years of development and iteration with the community, we’re taking the plunge and moving Reddit Community Points to […]

Just received a full refund from Reddit for NFT avatars.

“We’re currently experiencing some issues with purchasing Reddit Coins and Collectible Avatars on As a result of this, we have issued a refund for your most recent purchase(s). Please allow 5-10 business days, if not sooner, for the refund to go through. That said, the digital goods are yours to keep and we will […]