How to find alt coins with potentional?

I am currently investing in both ETH and BTC, but I want to allocate about 10% of my funds to altcoins. The problem is, I don’t know which ones to choose. I’ve watched guides on YouTube, but they often seem like scams or are too complex for me to understand. I want to hold altcoins […]

Differences between Kheavyhash, Blake3 and BlockDAG

Hello. Can anyone tell about the main differences between Kheavyhash, Blake3 and BlockDAG ? I understand Kheavyhash is an algorithm designed to provide robust security for transactions and protect data within blockchain networks; Blake3, an algorithm designed to be fast, secure, and versatile. BlockDAG, an algorithm inspired by Bitcoin and Kaspa that delivers industry-leading speeds, […]

Learned my lesson

My todays lesson with don’t trust, verify. I made a small deposit of Lisk from another exchange to I opened my app, searched for Lisk deposit, and was presented with a QR code and address. Next, I initiated the transaction on my other exchange, and the transfer went through with no problem. […]