Bitcoin Halving: An Analysis

The Bitcoin Halving is something not widely discussed here, so let me briefly introduce this concept. Fundamentally, every halving event causes Bitcoin's price to rally to new all time highs Figure 1. Price (USD) of BTC in relation to halving events As you can see the cycle lengthens (courtesy of Maestro Benjamin Cowen) and BTC […]

7 Honest takes about crypto people don’t always like to admit

1. TA is completely useless. 99% of 'Analysts' like you and I don't know shit about fuck. Not only does it never actually predict what's going to happen it also many times seems like every TA analyst has a different analysis to fit his own narrative. It's like the fuckin' laurel-yanny of crypto. 2. People […]

Let’s not become WSB, for the love of god.

Recently, there has been an absurd number of sarcastic, *I hope*, posts saying things like: "Crypto will go to 5 trillion." "I am so bullish I am getting a fricken pickle or a hard on…" "I will never trust any of you cowards ever again!" "We were brothers and sisters in arms. A valiant group […]