I have found some ido platforms but it is a little hard for me to understand tiers, levels etc…So can you please tell me which ones of these have guaranteed allocations in the cheapest manner?: 1- poolz 2-oxbull 3-red kite 4-moonstarter 5-seedify fund 6-gamefi 7-bounce 8-paid network 9-MISO 10-gnosis 11-impossible finance 12-polkastarter 13-zendit 14-westarter 15-prostarter 16-zeedo 17-chainboost 18-covergence finance 19-duckstarter 20-kickpad 21-occam razer 22-solanium 23-bsc station 24-true pnl 25-card starter 26-polkabridge 27-launch zone 28-lightning 29-a2dao 30-bullperks 31-genpad 32-trustpad 33-zelwin finance 34-bscpad 35-trustswap 36-yellow road 37-starter 38-lemonade 39-LZ 40-astronaut 41-launchpool 42-thorstone 43-unilayer 44-dexlab

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