Farming MIM pairs during the crash — what risks am I not seeing?

I decided a few weeks ago that I would convert half my crypto holdings to stablecoins and pair them with some relatively blue-chip coins like ETH and AVAX to farm. I was looking around SushiSwap, Beefy, etc. and found some 80-100% APYs on pairs like MIM-ETH and MIM-AVAX so I've put quite a bit of […]

Crypto Tax Question

I understand the capital gains side of taxes with token to token exchanges, etc. What about the income tax side of things. Technically all new tokens acquired (with staking and farming) are subject to income tax at the current value correct? So if I stake 100 eth and get 15% apy after a year. So […]

Staking tBTC on Tarot?

I just came across the BTC Supply Vault (tBTC) on Tarot with an APR of 36% (staked TVL 276k). wBTC is at 10% on Yearn Finance. If I have BTC sitting around, is there any reason I should not put it into this vault compared to Yearn's or others? submitted by /u/defibjqrnen [link] […]

Is this the end?

If you can to believe panic that has spread in the world destroyed coins value ofcourse is influenced by several factors. The main fall came after the stock market selloff that saw Wall Street stocks drop on Thursday. Bitcoin and other leading crypto coins experienced a significant drop in share price after investors began dumping […]

Technical design of defi application

Helllo guys, I'm wondering what is the correct technical design for defi application. With library like web3.js and metamask extension there is really no need for backend at all. Everything can be handled from frontend javascript application and basically blockchain (smart contracts) is application backend. But here is the problem. What if I'm going to […]

Upcoming Powerhouse of DeFi under Polkadot Ecosystem | Dot Finance

Several blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, are used for decentralized finance, and each blockchain has its own ecosystem of financial protocols. While these separate protocols provide excellent returns on crypto loans, part of the allure of DeFi is the ability to swap, sell, and trade crypto at the best rates, which may be […]

Thor financial (one month payback)

Hi all There is a new defi platform, called Thor financial with its token Thor. Anyone have experience with this it has a payback period of roughly one month. Seems too good to be true, please share your experience. Thank you submitted by /u/stockentusist [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this […]

Stablecoin opportunities with the ability to lock APY?

Does anyone know of any stablecoin high apy/apr opportunities that allow you to lock in your stablecoins for a fixed amount of time and lock in a decent apy? submitted by /u/Aristotlas [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

If rebasing doesn’t work…Will this?

Hi everyone. I am a long-time lurker in the sub and happy to discuss some of my thoughts on the current state of DeFi but to also collect some feedback on a project. I have been warning against the recent surge in rebase projects like Olympus and Wonderland and have been met with a lot […]