ICHI Vaults

ICHI and it’s vaults. Decentralized finance is becoming very much popular these days, Especially staking, and earning passively. With the market trend now which we very much know. These two are going to be your wall to help us through this bear. Elon musk actually quoted ‘A long winter’ Which is actually true, but to […]

Best place for liquidity and volume stats – not defilama

Hey fam, looking for some suggestions on where to find LP stats, liquidity and volume? Defilama has lots but is missing a bunch of smaller cap tokens and pools – can anyone suggest some resources? Dextools has this info but would be cool to be able to search via volume or liquidity instead of by […]

Best Mobile EVM Wallet that’s not Metamask?

So with the news that MM collects your IP address now, I think I want to stop using it. Want to try out alternatives for mobile. Using frame.sh for windows now. Anyone got something similar for mobile? submitted by /u/wagmoo [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Find best swap rate (polygon, avalanche, optimism, Arbitrum)

Hi, I’m looking for a tool to find the best swap rates. It should support the following chains: polygon, avalanche, optimism, Arbitrum ​ what would be your recommendation? ​ i once saw a tool where you saw all the different DEX in comparison and could choose the cheapest one submitted by /u/Makosh123 [link] [comments]This post […]

Alert: wBTC is around 2% depegged.

On Kraken wBTC/BTC touched 0.977 and now at 0.983. Wrapped BTC is used everywhere in DeFi. Worth keeping this on watchlists. Could be FUD? FTX was a minter and unless I’m missing something, FTX collapse would be an issue only if BitGo (centralized issuer of wBTC) had assets or some other dealings with FTX. There […]