Stader Liquid Staking Solution on Near is launched – NearX

#NEAR fam!!!🙌 We have reached $1M TVL in less than an hour!! 100%+ in staking APY + 35% in LP Rewards!! Stake Now #EarnWithNearX submitted by /u/choprakunaleth [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Future of Privacy(defi)

With the blacklist of Tornado Cash by Treasury Department, anyone who uses Tornado Cash can now face criminal penalities. I understand the argument for blacklisting, because of the money laundering, but is it fair for those who just use it for privacy purposes? How do you think this will impact the privacy projects in crypto? […]

Best place/dapp for options with daily expiry?

I’ve been trading perps on bybit for a while now and they recently added BTC options with daily expiry and it caught my attention. I would rather trade ETH options and can’t find any place with ETH options that expire daily (besides OKX which needs $50K in assets to activate options). Does anybody know of […]

Daily DeFi News – August 9, 2022

DeFi 🏦 Technical analysis Aave Ethereum’s PoS Merge News 📰 U.S. Treasury blacklists Tornado Cash Circle blacklists sanctioned addresses & freezes USDC belonging to Tornado users Hodlnaut halting withdrawals, swaps and deposits Kujira $USK Stablecoin launch Redacted V2 is live Hubble Exchange is live on Mainnet Jet V2 beta launch Hashstack moving to StarkNet Econia […]

Don’t sell but hodl in order to reach financial freedom! 💸

📊 There is a very big difference between short-term and long-term investing, no matter the industry. In regards to cryptocurrency, the same strategies should be applied, as long-term investing will be able to offer you much more benefits than short-term investing. Now, in the cryptocurrency markets, you must know what to hodl, in order to […]

DeFi vs. CeFi vs. TradFi | What Caused 2022 Crypto Market Crisis?

FinTech Investment Banker points out to CeFi flaws that led to the Crypto Market Crisis of 2022, and a subsequent bear market. He. shares his observations about the current crisis and DeFi, and clarifies misconceptions around DeFi and CeFi. Article submitted by /u/Smooth_Star_8965 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site