Glitch Protocol is a layer-1 blockchain

Glitch Protocol is a layer-1 blockchain that caters specifically to money market dApps. Every chain claims to solve the scalability trilemma, but to date, no single blockchain has fulfilled all requisites to foster a stable DeFi economy as each chain offers various solutions but also presents multiple challenges and limitations, including scalability, high transaction fees, […]

Liquidity pool APIs – getting pool information for developers.

We created some APIs : as I wanted access to some information about liquidity pools and i am developing APIs to track my current and historical positions which are launching soon!! Feautres: Accurate pool ID, token ID which you can refer in the UI Ability to target a specific project or chain Getting minimum […]

What are liquid staking, LSD, liquidity pools, and leveraged staking?

Hey there! We’ve just published a new article that’s all about Liquid Staking, LSD, liquidity pools, and leveraged staking. If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, then you definitely need to check it out at this link: submitted by /u/abukharyn [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Withdrawing from LP not supported with web GUI anymore.

I got the news late that was shutting down and didn’t withdraw before they took their website down. Is there a guide out there for interacting with the contract directly to withdraw? Ive tried a bit of google with no luck. Im probably not phrasing right I assume. submitted by /u/ChoiceBandicoot [link] [comments]This post […]

Interesting oppurtunity, did the research so you dont have to but DYOR recommend ​ Wrote an article on the bytemasons team who will inevitably be a great team to look at for progress and innovation, in this article I explain the projects they have worked/ are working on and the pros and cons of said projects. If you like this type of information, subscriblez for more homies […]

What is your biggest investment regret?

FOMO is a strong incentive for potential investors, but sometimes you ignore that voice in your head, leading to a massive missed opportunity. What would you say is your biggest investing regret? Very curious to hear y’all’s personal experience submitted by /u/amandalainget [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site