Hi guys,
The scamming problem isn't going to end, but if there are 20 scammers in this subreddit and if and I can convince 10 of them to stop bringing harm to people who are minding their own business, then I think I've done my job. I'm not perfect, but here goes…

There are a lot of cryptocurrency apps out there that might be looking to hire technical support. Like, for example, Exodus wallet and maybe a few price-tracking / portfolio building apps. These apps are not all perfect either. If you can get a job as a tech support specialist you will be able to grow professionally and, in some ways, you can also be paid in bitcoin. At least, I know that exodus pays their tech support staff in bitcoin.

There are also these two websites:

Start looking for work.
EDIT: Don't forget this website: https://cryptojobslist.com/
EDIT 2: If you want to start a movement just respond to every DM with a link to this thread. Eventually the people DM'ing you will get the idea.

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