With the Metaverse quickly gaining momentum, it wouldn't be long before we start hearing news and stories of social events like weddings, parties, hacks, and even rug pulls in the metaverse.

I can already imagine a lot of possibilities and all the things people could do in the metaverse.

First will be ridiculously perfect social and recreational stuff like clubs, concerts, parties, vacations, etc. Just all the fun stuff that people can imagine.

As the metaverse matures, businesses will begin to rise, and so would be crimes and every aspect of social life you can think of, including politics and government.

The government would then be faced with coming up with regulations for metaverse activities and how to deal with crimes committed in the metaverse. It would probably be more complicated than regulating crypto. And of course, they wouldn't forget tax.

But one area you may not see coming is new cryptocurrencies, NFTs being created and used inside of the Metaverse.

What are your expectations for the rising metaverse, and which project(s) are you counting on to lead the market?

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