Rodney CryptoJourneyRS LOVES JustTheTip $TIPS big news coming Friday. Join TG for more info 😈 shorts. Full video here.

Microcap Meme with Coq Inu MC Potential. With NFT collection and Web3 based games, Significant backing from influential leaders in the Crypto space and HUGE partnerships. This is Just The Tip $TIPS

$TIPS is in a Dip right now so it’s the perfect time to accumulate. Once those reflections start coming in it’s going to create enormous buying pressure.

$TIPS! Fade not.. Another quality YouTuber vid dropped just now. Under 2m MC this is low hanging fruit really. The big 3 Memes- CULO, BigRed & JustTheTip. Fade not.

— Token name: Just The Tip

— Token symbol: $TIPS

— Blockchain: Solana

— Current price: US$0.029

— Market Cap: $2m

— Launch date: March 6th


$TIPS Contract: AK87oZM8ovFU14bq8mu4ufi5zsCPDbqqVvh5b6WHbUdL

$TIPINU Presale yesterday evening sold out in 11 minutes. Hopefully you picked some up. (Looks like somebody was paying attention, it sold out fast)

Website: (SOL)

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TIPINU prelaunch monday evening (BNB)

Little treat at the end here! 60 second with $TIPS

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