SecondLive – Dive into a 3D metaverse to staking, mining, hunting treasures, P2E, and NFT

SecondLive is a social metaverse and hub for Metaverse inhabitants that allow the create-to-earn open virtual world video game,3D metaverse platform with staking, mining, hunting treasures, P2E, and NFT features. SecondLive present the platform that allows the dive into a 3D metaverse to staking, mining, hunting treasures, P2E, NFT, and web3 inhabitants. If you’re passive […]

Utopia P2P – A truly decentralized project and to ensure full privacy and security of its user’s data. Utopia does not collect or store any personal information including files, text messages, uMails, IP addresses and user locations.

Utopia is a secure, self-enclosed ecosystem. This means that all communication tools are available within the system with no third-party software involved. You will find personal and group chat, uMail, and the ability to perform financial transactions. The Utopia ecosystem uses the most advanced levels of encryption that includes elliptic curves and unique p2p network […]

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Dominator Domains, a Web3 innovative platform where users can register domains in 3 different blockchains and 10 different domain extensions. 💎 Your Perfect Web3 Domains. Name it. Own it. 🔹Instantly Convert Your Domain To NFT 🔹AI Powered Domain Name Suggestions 🔹Multi-Chain web3 Domain Extensions ​ Dominator Domains Domain names with 10 extensions – .arb .bnb […]

ArtHouse Spirits DAO – Tokenized Alcohol Combined with Real Crypto Benefits

Behind ArtHouse Spirits DAO is Dictador, a Colombian brand of aged rum with a long history tracing back to 1913. This top-shelf spirit has earned world-renowned accolades and is prized for its exquisite taste and the unique recipe well-guarded by the Parra family, the third generation of Dictador master blenders. Full review submitted by /u/bdinu89 […]

TENET – A new potential web3 project and the first ever AI web3 wallet

TENET is the EVM compatible blockchain operating on the Cosmos SDK. It benefits from the immediate compatibility of 99% of crypto developments, due to EVM compliance. It also benefits from the composabiltiy of the Cosmos ecosystem, which till now has lacked a core use case. The native token of TENET is $TENET. It is the […]

~ enter | Blog ~ Due Diligence and Red Flags in Web3 💫

As the world of Web3 is constantly evolving, and new projects are popping up every day, there are a few key things you should keep an eye out for; red flags, if you will. In this article, we uncover some of the basics to be aware of when investing in Web3 projects Link ~ […]

Utopia P2P – 1800+ Online Merchants Now Support Fully Private Crypton Privacy Coin

A fully decentralized blockchain, Utopia has become one of the most global online hotspots for those users who want to ensure their complete anonymity on the Internet. Utopia has provided its payment system to more than 1800 online stores today. Now buyers from all over the world have the opportunity to make anonymous online purchases […]