Integrity Coin Introduces the Matrix to Wealth

Integrity Coin seeks to close the gap between crypto and fiat currencies for increased mainstream adoption. Although it still has a long way to go, its ambitious team is on the way to achieving this goal, thanks to its business and financial background. Full review submitted by /u/bdinu89 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on […]

Katana inu! 1 mill mc moonshot play2earn

Katana inu is a high graphic play2earn battle royal AAA game. With a market cap of just 1 million! This project is huge and has an amazing team behind it. So far we got to play the alpha demo and it is by far the best game in the crypto space. Full beta being released […]

Lykacoin – A Blockchain System Launching a Comprehensive Ecosystem

LykaCoin is a blockchain system that is launching a large crypto ecosystem. The token is reliable and supported by projects like Metaverse, NFT cards, Play to Earn, Walk to Earn, and staking. Full review submitted by /u/bdinu89 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Make early bets with AdLunam Launchpad!

In the crypto space, whoever gets in early wins big. In order to help potential investors keep an eye on promising crypto investments, some crypto aggregators list projects when they garner a significant amount of traction. It is difficult to identify projects when they are still at the early stage, and missing out on some […]

🏆 P2E: Battle Infinity ($IBAT) Overview

Play-to-earn is a wholly separate genre, the audience of which is seriously growing day by day. Users get a real opportunity to earn for their in-game achievements, as well as immerse themselves in the fascinating game world. While users are fighting with each other, there is also a constant struggle in the developers’ battle arena. […]

How Does KYC Work in the DeFi Space?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a series of procedures to identify whether a user, investor, or developer poses a potential risk of fraud or money laundering. In traditional finance, most financial institutions and businesses employ KYC procedures for their clients and users. That’s why you must pass a specific check and provide an ID when […]

Key Takeaways From The 3AC’s Collapse !!!

​ Read about the 3AC’s Collapse in our latest blog from . The three main keypoints are: -Substance And Utility Have to Match the market Caps If We’re Gonna Make It -The Recklessness of Institutions Must Be Reigned In With Regulation -Who Is Next? Risks From Uncollateralized Lending Protocols Dive in to learn more~ […]

KinnayCryptoCalls | Just called 43x | Join now

Just a channel about Crypto. Cross-Chain Calls Message @KinnayCrypto for Promo. Owner: @KinnayCrypto submitted by /u/notkinnay [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site

Aqua Tank – PLAY-WIN-EARN 2022

After seeing the website, I am confident in the project. This documentation, like the staff, is fantastic. In terms of the concept itself, it is still applicable today. website : #AquaTank #Aqua #Airdrop #bsc #bnb #binance #GameFi #metaverse #web3 submitted by /u/pathum1992 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site