Good morning, I’ve been in Bitcoin for less than two years so I just don’t know enough to discuss some topics but I wanted to make a statement about how privacy is KEY to Bitcoin success.

Bitcoin is meant to be a form of electronic cash sent between peers, its main goal is to grant people a way of exiting the FIAT system (at least partially) and in order to do so Bitcoin needs to be antifragile, but bitcoiners need to be like that too cause there is no Bitcoin without bitcoiners.

You can make sure nobody is taking your BTC away by taking your coins into self-custody. And that’s true but MANY people who have been on the space for much longer than me, assure that having your keys its already enough. I strongly disagree with that, you need PRIVACY to be antifragile, if your coins are KYCd you are an easy target for anybody with enough knowledge to trace you (government included).

Many think nobody is going to take the time to trace you in that way, well I think they will as soon as you do something they find disturbing enough (and Bitcoin success is something they will find so very disturbing)

I can’t express properly how important a good privacy is for a bitcoiner and I am so worried that the main voices in the space usually just don’t care about it; cause “you only need privacy if you are doing something wrong”.

First of all that’s a lie and secondly well who says what’s wrong.

The only way they won’t go against you at some point is if they don’t know who to go against.

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