To be a millionaire before 40

I am a small business owner, who is very much interested in investing in my future. My goal is to have at least $1 million in my bank account before I turn 40. I have a some dollars invested in bitcoin and SNP 500. For those who have accomplished this goal, given that I am […]

why btc is like this

I started learning about BTC a week ago, I never thought I would be enchanted by something like I was enchanted by BTC, I’ve already read the white paper about 3 times, and I invested at least 16 hours in the last week reading about it. I was raised by my parents to never call […]

How to earn BTC on bills/payments?

Looking for insight on any means to earn BTC on bills or payments like mortgage etc. Feel like I’m spending all this money with no real benefit. There any sort of means out there like I’m describing? To clarify, I don’t want to spend my BTC, I want to find more ways to stack sats, […]

Bitcoin seassonal performace

Hey guys, I created a website to check Bitcoin’s seasonal performance. Looks like many of you are buying on Mondays 🙂 submitted by /u/draderdim [link] [comments] This post was originally published on this site

Cheapest place to buy Bitcoin? I found this comparison … and I’m pretty shocked to see the prices here. Seems like Kraken Pro is the cheapest place to buy Bitcoin but has high transfer fees submitted by /u/daejeon4life [link] [comments] This post was originally published on this site

Weakness of Bitcoin Standard?

I fully support Bitcoin Standard and the idea of fair money, but I’m afraid there is a huge con and correct me if I’m being irrelevant or anything. Let’s say there are 2 countries X and Y. X adopted Bitcoin standard and is a solid democratic country. Y has a fiat standard, imperialist goals with […]

Investing 30k in Bit for Kid’s College

My dad just retired and sold his home and, very generously, gave me 50k. He suggested to put 30k in Bit Coin for my children’s college. I have 2 toddlers ages 2.5 and 1. I put 10k in Bit back in October and it’s done extraordinarily well. When I went to buy yesterday I see […]

Bitcoin Maxis?

I have a little bitcoin. I believe in the protocol. I think the demand is so much more than the supply. I think it is way better than currencies as a store of value. And objectively I know that I should probably invest all in Bitcoin However, I do not. I have the whole “reduce […]