I’ll give you 500 sats as a tip

I will give you 500 free sats to then give to others or keep. As you wish. I recently discovered there is a tip bot that you can use in the bitcoin sub (and I think others). The great thing about it is that althought you can get yourself a lightning wallet and then withdraw […]

True these days …

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Best exchange/method for swapping other coins to BTC

Idk why but for some reason “E”T”H” is a forbidden word on this sub but im getting paid in that and I really just want BTC so what is the safest way to swap without bullshit taxes or fees. Cureently dont wanna put shit on exchanges but if thats the only way possible then it […]

I read this today and it totally hit home.

The absolute scarcity of bitcoin combined with the fractional reserve games played by major banks, exchanges, and ‘stablecoins,’ in a macro environment primed for major currency inflation, means every person on this planet is unintentionally short bitcoin. submitted by /u/The_Fixer_69 [link] [comments]This post was originally published on this site