I have been trying to simplify crypto for beginners. This is an attempt to create a learning path of the articles I have written. This is no way a complete guide to the vast crypto world. Just the basics to get you started.

There are no ads, no affiliate links, no sales products, no financial advice, no shilling. Hope beginners would find it helpful.

Where it all started

What is Bitcoin? And How Does It Work?

Not just transfer money. Lot of other use cases as well. Ethereum – Looking beyond Bitcoin

How intermediary is eliminated? How intermediary is eliminated?

Start your Crypto Journey. Cryptocurrency Wallet – How Does It Work?

Taking things into own hands Centralized vs Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – A Revolution

Why a digital art was sold for $69 million? NFTs – Beyond the hype

Organisations also decentralised? What is a DAO?

Avoid Scams Common Crypto scams and How to stay safe?

Few other reads. ICO, IEO & IDO – How Crypto projects raise funds? Cardano – A simple high level explanation

Experts here if any feedback on the sequence or any suggestions on what else can be added for the beginners, would be of great help.

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