This token is Unlike most. It has a reflection but it does some VERY unique stuff

I have been looking around for ways to spread my chips on the different DOGE,SHIBA,FLOKI derivatives, without having my eggs in one basket. The Solution is here. JPAW INU is building a currency reserve of the best meme tokens while becoming a meme-token itself

This is really one that can easily go to a 1 billion dollar market cap

JPAW is a DAO dedicated to building the world’s most exclusive collection of dog tokens and premium canine-themed NFTs.

A 10% transaction fee is applied to each $JPAW trade, with 4% used for marketing, 4% used for the DAO War Chest (more on this below) and 2% as passive reflection rewards.

The DAO War Chest has already purchased their first NFTs, check out their OpenSea profile.

? What's in the War Chest?

? 50% of the War Chest is used to buy the Dog Pound (a treasury of 50:30:20 Doge/Shib/Floki)held to hedge for meteoric rises in these tokens

? 50% of the War Chest is used to purchase rare dog NFTs, owned by the JPAW DAO.

? The NFT's will be carefully curated by the JPAW team initially, in future $JPAW holders will be able to vote to elect which NFT's to buy and sell.

The roadmap is extensive, with lots of web3 integrations coming in the next few weeks.

This fall, it's INU season, and the best way to follow along and join the 1000x gains is the join JPAW INU

Project Links: Telegram:


? Twitter:

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