Lution [$230k market cap] [3 weeks old]

LUTION TOKEN newly launched on PCS! 100% of pre/sale paired to liquidity. Massive potential! Developing a peer to peer asset sharing platform, an international marketing place with a wallet connect. BNB reward pools will be added to by actual business profits (minimum 10%!) Community chosen reflection partner changed every 60 days offering a wide range […]

Borzoi Inu [$25k market cap] [1 month old]

Borzoi Inu is a revolutionary new decentralized wolfhound that resides on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Launched on 23rd January 2023, the project was born out of a simple token idea that soon expanded into a much larger vision of creating a platform to automatically track the price of all projects released on the BSC […]

ShitCoin [$100k market cap] [3.5 years old]

CoinGecko profile: The stock market, crypto, economy as a whole are likely to continue down this year… What about $SHIT? If you look at the LT chart, it’s at the bottom, the loading zone, the can’t go down much more area already. With some luck (pump, big Twitter or Reddit following gets a hold […]

Borzoi Inu [$8.8k market cap] [1 month old]

Borzoi Inu is a unique decentralized wolfhound living on the Binance Smart Chain, created with the vision of revolutionizing the meme coin and DeFi industry. Born on 23.01.2023, the project started as a simple token but quickly expanded into a bigger and more ambitious venture with the goal of releasing the Long Snout Watch platform. […]

ENE 2023 [$44.691 market cap] [59 days old] Great innovative token.

Introducing ENE2023 – a Bep20 token and NFT hybrid project that offers unique features, pays out BUSD rewards two ways, and focuses on transparency, education, and community building. The crypto market is oversaturated with scam and short-term meme tokens that provide no utility and no opportunity for real growth. According to a study by Solidus […]

Rizz Inu [$375K market cap] [1 Week old] AI Game Live Now

Play the Rizz inu game, earn Rizz Points, Trade them in for NFT packs, and get more $RIZZ. Rizz Inu has my checklist marked off for what’s needed for a quality project. With over $100k in locked liquidity for 69 weeks the team shows their determination that they are here to stay. Consistent voice chat […]

WeSendit [$127k market cap] [3 months old]

WeSendit $WSI protects your data and personal information with easy access to decentralized transfer and storage! WeSendit is all about security and data protection. That’s why millions of customers have been entrusting WeSendit their data every day for 10 years now. With the new WeSendit 3.0, company created decentralized solutions for data protection that finally […]

Borzoi Inu [$7,700 Market Cap] [3 Weeks Old] – Whales Watching & Audited

Borzoi Inu is a unique decentralized project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the goal of bringing the power of blockchain technology to the world of finance. The project’s mission is to create a new standard of transparency and security in decentralized finance (DeFi) while building a strong, supportive community. One of the […]

AIrevolution [ $3,529 market cap ] [ 1 day old] AI-Powered Blockchain Platform

$AIR: The Revolutionary AI-Powered Blockchain Platform AIR coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that powers the AIR platform, a revolutionary AI-powered blockchain ecosystem. With its innovative approach to blockchain technology, AIR offers unparalleled speed, scalability, and security, making it the perfect choice for developers and businesses looking to build the next generation of decentralized applications. Experience […]

Raider Token [$176K market cap] [1 year old] Community Token

10000X challenge planned for March 4, 2023. Raider Token community will send the following hashtags trending on twitter #10000X and #RaiderToken. Join our Telegram to be part of history. Imagine a low market cap token trending on twitter because that’s exactly what is about to happen. Raider Token is Renounced, Liquidity locked for 79 more […]