I recently read that Stellar and Polygon finally got a token bridge, allowing XLM holders to use their tokens in the Polygon network. In terms of technicals, it says NewsCrypto built the infrastructure for it as well as Chainlink integration for boosted security. I’ve heard all of these names before, but not all in the same project.

I read good things about XLM, mainly its affordable transaction fees and its popularity in the liquidity market. As someone staking in ETH, I’ve also read that Polygon makes use of the Ethereum VM quite well as a layer-2 chain. But that’s about it – I’m not entirely sure in terms of the financial side of things.

I want to ask for insights if now’s a good time to stake in XLM given the Polygon bridge, and/or if XLM is a good investment for someone like me who wants to mostly hodl? Thanks!

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