Boy did I fail this one spectacularly….

Both my parents, who I love dearly are now in their sixties and in the past I’ve had some trouble explaining crypto to them. So much to the point that they deemed it a scammy hoax and never wanted to hear a word about it anymore. Recently I've had the brilliant idea to take them out on a dinner and pay crypto, while explaining how and what I'm doing. Basically walk them through the whole process, just to show them that this crypto thing really is a thing and their son is not as naive as they think he is for throwing his money on some magical beans on the internet.

So, I picked a restaurant I knew the owner was crypto friendly and called him the day before. He agreed and I set the plan in motion.

Im going to spare you the details on the evening itself, but we had a good time together. When it came time for the check I pulled out my phone and started explaining what me and the owner of the restaurant are doing, how we are not using a third party (bank) as usual to make this transaction and yadayadayada.

This to me and the owner it was very impressive to be doing this transaction, my parents on the other hand looked completely unimpressed and bored, like it was something completely ordinary. Quite baffled I asked. Turns out my parent's were not impressed at all by me paying the check with my phone, because they've seen people at the supermarket do it all the time, a kid even did it with his wrist watch. (Im guessing Apple Pay or something.) So in their eyes, their naive son has once again been overly impressed by a balloon that can fly while the other kids on the block were doing math. Once again I've hit a concrete wall.

We are early boys, we are so early in this it's not even a joke anymore…

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