I apologise for trying to slow down the hopium train guys but to be honest i am getting a feeling that at this point in the market where we are standing, it looks like already a high has been achieved and now a huge sell off may or may not occur. Points to consider:- 1. Bitcoin made a high of 67k 2. Ethereum and Altcoins going crazy(5x, 10x, 50x). 3. Meme coins pumping way too hard which means the retail money is getting in. 4. Big time rug pulls like Squid game and what not. 5. Banks and institutions saying BTC will touch 135k and ETH will go above 10k in Q4.

Now i understand that the youtube shillers are still way too optimistic and they keep saying BTC will goto 100k before December and a big Altcoin rally will follow. I also understand that no one wants to see their profits turn into loss in a span of few days.

So what do you think? Is it a good time to cash out 50% of my crypto and then sit back and watch the rollercoaster go crazy or should i wait till December?

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