Guys Im nervous because I keep dodging bullets! In 2021 and early 2022 I almost bought LUNA, I looked into using Celcius and thought very hard about switching to FTX for all my CEX needs after having trouble multiple times with CB customer service. I drug my feet on all of these decisions and my choices aged very well. Most recently (last week) I decided I wanted to use Uniswap. I looked very hard at providing liquidity for USDC and ETH but ultimatley decided I simply wanted to use ETH and GRT as I am a long term GRT hodlr and I generaly dont mind if Im hodling ETH or GRT as the market goes up and down. Now we are seeing USDC depegged to as low as about .87. Guys none of this is me being smart, just really dumb luck and Im worried I am going to get severely rekd soon ?. Anyone else seem to have slipped through the last year with no losses other than what we are all getting exposed to in the macro?

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