A couple of months ago I made a post stating I wanted to earn $750 CAD worth of free crypto. As of today, I am at approximately $700 and there’s still 2 months to go! It’s looking like I will easily reach my goal before the end of the year. If I include Moons at their current valuation, I have actually beat my goal!

I set a few simple ground rules to accomplish this.

  1. Crypto earned must be free – no costs at all for myself.
  2. It can’t be something I’m doing in exchange for crypto. That’s work, I don’t want to work for this.
  3. It can’t have a large time sync to earn. If it does require a time sink, then it’s turned back into work.

So how did I do it?

Coinbase Earn

I admit I got kind of lucky here. I performed most of the Learn & Earns at the end of July. I then converted the ~$40 worth of crypto into ALGO and ATOM, right before their runs in August. The odd Learn & Earns that have popped up since then have been converted into those two coins.

Total worth $155.


Sorry, Canada only and no plans to expand outside of here, afaik.

For those that don’t know, Shakepay gives a little bit of BTC every day for simply shaking your phone. I get approximately 1000 Sats (~$0.75 at current evaluations) every day. This has been going on for over 200 days.

BTC total worth at this point is $170.

Brave Browser

I’ve used it since May, no explanation is needed in this sub as it gets talked about plenty.

BAT total worth $82.


This has the highest time put into it out of the other options, however, the majority of the time put into the game is while I am on the bus on the way to work or walking. When walking, I only pull out the game when I am in a spot that I know has a vault to earn BTC/ETH. I originally earned around $10/week but I have taken a new job recently where it’s better to take the bus. The amount along the bus route has increased the earnings to $15-$20/week. I have been playing this game since the beginning of August. I know some players earn upwards of $50/week, but I don’t go too far out of my way to play this.

BTC total worth **$152.**ETH total worth $138.


I’m not a large contributor to this sub. However, my 296 moons (as of the upcoming distribution) is worth ~$62

Total earnings from free crypto is almost $762!

I tried other avenues but found too many required a large time sink to be worth it or needed you to buy-in. As for other games that implement blockchain elements, I have yet to find one that is more fun than the earnings/rewards linked to it.

Also, this is in maple syrup dollars, not freedom dollars.

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