I’m new to crypto and took a small amount and put it on a coin I like (after a lot of reading!!)

My plan is to just let it ride for a while because I really like what they are doing and think there is a lot of potential.

However, the more I read about crypto as a whole and the stories of what people are doing, I can help but feel my small investment is not worth it and won’t get me anywhere.

I see people putting large amounts of money in and I see my coins go up 10% and think if I had more in then that 10% would be worth more.

This leaves me constantly feeling like I should be YOLOing all my saving into crypto or gambling on shitcoins to make money and it’s a hard temptation fight because it’s constant!

I can’t help but check my account all the time to watch my little investment go up and down and it’s addictive.

For those of you who have been doing this for a while (or even newbies like me) how do you fight this FOMO feeling?


Thank you kind people for the advice. I have been given some really good tips and some things to consider.

I really appreciate it.

It’s nice that everyone can have fun and still be nice. I like this community

Edit 2

Went away to have some dinner. Came back to bucket load of comments and my coin is up another 10%

That itch is getting worse……….

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