As a holder of both coins, I’ve noticed that $HEGE, a 2 month old coin at $3 million MC is mirroring $KENDU’s first 2 months almost exactly. Both coins continually built a floor of higher lows. Then at about the 2.5 month mark $KENDU did a 10X from about $3.5 million to about $35 million MC and is currently sitting at about $225 million. From a fundamentals perspective, $HEGE, like the first 2 months of $KENDU has put together an amazing team, created lots of content, used a largely organic marketing strategy, grew social media followers, and started to get noticed by influencers. There has definitely been a snowball effect recently where social media followers are joining faster and faster and content is coming out faster and faster. It is only a matter of time before the price goes parabolic.

Looking for the next $KENDU breakout? Look no further than $HEGE.

Here are a few points about HegeCoin:

– Story Driven Meme Coin: $HEGE is the only story driven meme coin where chapters of an underlying story unlock as the project hits different market cap goals.

– Active Dev: The main developer is super active and holds about 5% of the total supply. This shows they’re committed to the project. I’ve seen the dev chatting with the community on forums and social media, always giving updates and answering questions.

– Quality: The team and the community are super talented. They’ve come out with lots of great animations and have developed a controllable puppet rig which they use to livestream

– Community: The HEGE community is really active and keeps growing. They’re all over Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. Their Twitter has around 5k followers, and their Telegram group has 4k members. This kind of engagement helps keep the project alive and kicking.

– Holder Growth: According to solscan, more people are holding HEGE every day, which is a great sign. It shows that interest and trust in the coin are growing.

– Undervalued: I think HEGE is undervalued right now. Why? They’ve just announced a deal with a Central Exchange (CEX). This is a big deal that usually leads to more visibility and higher trading volume.

– Impact of CEX Listing: Once this news becomes public, it’s likely to boost the price. Coins that get listed on CEXs usually see a significant price increase due to higher liquidity and accessibility.

– Investment Potential: Like any meme coin, HEGE is high risk high reward, but I think it’s an undervalued gem. With the current market cap being relatively low, there’s a lot of room for growth. If the CEX listing goes well and the community keeps growing, it could hit a market cap of 50-100 million in the near future.

Please do your own research!


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