Hyper-Burn Token $ MAGMA burns 40% in first week!!

So.. I came across this live new pair last week and decided to ape in. It is going absolutely crazy due to diamond hands and fomo, as there is only a couple max wallets left and we’ll be hitting supply-squeeze very soon. I started the community TG as the anonymous dev only has a channel. […]

$1,300,000 in Capital Reserve making profit everyday

Yummy Crypto the Hyper Deflationary and Massively Undervalued Project with $1,300,000 in capital reserve After a successful contract migration in September 2021 which made the extraction of approximately $700,000 liquidity possible, Yummy created a capital asset, which included a unique buyback mechanism, named the ‘’Growth Fund Since the inception of Yummy V2, Yummy tokens have […]

Up 200%! | Don’t ape it, Bab00n it! | Deflationary supply of only 10million tokens | Earn passive income from reflections | Nfts | Use case incoming

bab00n – $bab00n ————————————————————————————— LP LOCK : https://www.pinksale.finance/pinklock/record/1020898?chain=BSC ————————————————————————————— $bab00n works by applying 2% fee which is 1% to each transaction & instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token & 1% is automatically burn that continuously reduces the total supply of $bab00n. There is no team or central party that has to […]