Am from India. I love coconut water. 4 years ago big coconut I used to drink everyday cost 30 inr here at ahmedabad. (Small town it might be cheaper). Because of covid BS and lockdown and mask fine(police fined us if mask was exposing nose slightly) I went away to home town at parents place as am single and all restaurants and tiffin services were un available so hard to find good food. now I return back and same coconut cost 65 inr. I drink 2 coconut daily. Its cost me now 3900 inr per month compared to 1800 inr per month. And coconut water is costly comparer to avrg income. Most lower middle class and middle class cannot afford coconut water on daily basis. When I was kid/school. This coconut cost 5 inr. Also 500 gram banana 20 years ago was 5 inr. Now it is 30 inr. Labour used to grow this stuff aint much. Thanks to fertilizer this stuff grows in abundances. Also petrol price in 2002 to 2005 was around 35 inr per litre now is above 90 most places in India. Compared to other countries out current gov i.e NAREMDRA MODI’s party have refrained from printing money. still savings of common people is robbed because of geopolitics and international events occurring thousands of mile.

Every kid should be taught 1)LAYERED MONEY 2) bitcoin standard 3) fiat standard. This 3 books should be taught before kids enter labour market.

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