Successfully launched on 21st September. Beautiful chart. Huge Influencer marketing and community engagement. Just listed con CoinGecko. CMC listing about to happen within the next few hours. Join the biggest p2e of 2022.

What is Elden Knights: Elden Knight aims to be the biggest Play to Earn Game developed and supported by Veteran Developers and Influencers. It aims to deliver fluid actions and stunning animations which parallels player experience to any AAA titles. The project combines elements of DeFi and NFT Gaming to create the most advanced RPG Game yet!

$KNIGHTS Token: There will be no play to earn functionality without the implementation of an in-game currency. $KNIGHTS is an ERC20 standard token that connects the P2E, Governance, Marketplace, NFT transaction, and purchase of player character from Genesis NFT holders. $KNIGHTS will act as the medium of exchange within the ecosystem. After release of the game, it can be used to award player for their achievements, PVP participations, occupying leaderboards as well as transacting in-game assets through the Marketplace. $KNIGHTS token not only powers the entire ecosystem but also can be a lucrative source of real-world income for the players, therefore it is critical that we take extra caution in developing its tokenomics.

Contract: 0x3bbd4cb91442d8aeaeb0523a5f99540658a685ea

More Features: – Huge NFT lineup with accessories to support the Elden Knights Game – Giveaways and shill contests – Our own NFT marketplace

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TG: EldenKnightsOfficial

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