🟢Minting is Live now🟢

Dogeone NFT #1 Edition Utilities NFT Living on BSC Network, #1 Edition Holder is Eligible to Earn Passive Income Generated From Dogeone NFT Marketplace Transaction Fee & Presale pass in our Launchpad as well More About this

👉🏻NFT Marketplace & Launchpad will be Live on Q1 2022!

👉🏻20% of NFT Sales will be used to Buyback Dogeone Token and Added to Liquidity.

👉🏻Rarity Reveal Once 60% Minted & Listed in NFTKey.app

👉🏻Token + NFT + Marketplace + Launchpad Real Use Case Project

👉🏻NFT Stored in IPFS

🔘 0.25 BNB per mint

🔘 20 Max Mint Per Transaction. No Max Wallet.

🔘 Max Supply : Only 4444 Dogeone NFT #1 Edition

How to Mint Dogeone NFT

Open This Link in Your Regular Browser


  1. Click Connect to Web3 Choose (Wallet Connect) and Connect your wallet. Choose your preferred wallet

  2. Go to write, Purchase Function (3)

  3. There is Two Box in That Section, Top one is put the BNB amount for your mints. So if you want to mint 3 Dogeone NFT's put .75 in the top and 3 in the bottom. if you want to mint 5 then put 1.25

  4. Press write and confirm it in your wallet

  5. Congrats You're Successfully Minted Dogeone NFT

  6. You can check your NFT in Tofunft.com

Mint Via Metamask Desktop Can Be Done in our Website : nft.dogeonebsc.com


Website : https://nft.dogeonebsc.com

Telegram : https://t.me/dogeone_global

Announcement : https://t.me/dogeone_announcement

Twitter : https://twitter.com/dogeonebsc

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