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Over the last few months I've dabbled small amounts across various Layer 1 blockchains. I've set out a comparison below in case helpful for anyone new to the defi space. If anyone has any feedback or criticisms feel free to share!

Please keep in mind these are my views only and others may have different experiences.

Avax is next on my list!

Chain Fees* TVL (1 Nov 21 – DefiLlama) Maturity of ecosystem Blue chip plays Comments and notes
Eth $250 – 600 $164bn Very mature Curve, Aave, Convex, Compound, Yfi Safest and most secure ecosystem. Worth it if you're investing big bucks
BSC $2 – 4 $19.25bn Mature Pancakeswap, Venus, Beefy, Autofarm Too many scams. PCS is great though
Sol $0.02 $12.68bn Few months old but many different dApps Serum, Raydium, Saber, Marinade Quick and cheap. Large NFT market. Institutional backing. What ADA should have been.
Terra $1 – 3 $9.88bn Few months old but many different dApps Anchor, Mirror Different to other L1s – ecosystem is built on UST so opportunity for "no-loss" investments and delta-neutral yield strategies. My favorite ecosystem.
Ftm $1 – 3 $5.68bn Few months old but many different dApps Geist, Spooky, Spirit, Scream, Abracadabra Made for degens. Opportunities for enormous yield. Fav picks right now are Tomb and Abracadabra.
Matic $0.02 $4.98bn Mature Aave, Quickswap, Sushi Well-developed ecosystem. Growing NFT marketplace. Had great yield back in May but has calmed down since then.
Celo <$0.01 $1.05bn Few months old and a few dApps Moola, Mobius, Ube, Sushi Does anyone even use this? Great stablecoin pairings (mcUSD / mcEUR) to earn yield with no crypto exposure
One <$0.01 $319m Fairly new DefiKingdoms, Sushi Carried by DFK's success. Enormous APRs at the moment, just launched first money market (Tranquil).
Tezos $0.02 $147m Fairly new Plenty, Youves Needs more defi options – TVL has been dropping over past few weeks. Growing NFT marketplace with celebrity support.
Algo <$0.01 $76m Very new – no real dex at this stage Yieldly, Tinyman Up and coming! So far Tinyman is the only dex that allows swaps but no token released yet (potential airdrop)

*Example cost to carry out: (1) one swap; (2) provide liquidity; (3) approve contract; and (4) stake LP tokens.

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