Data inspecting various DeFi chains, might be useful for you to decide which chain you want to invest in

Only rough data not very accurate, if there's mistake in the table you can leave comment and reference so I can correct that.

What the data says:

Seems very few people are using Fantom or AVAX now due to they are costing like 150x more to do DeFi compared to Solana and MATIC Polygon.

Fantom seems to be undervalued but if the cost doing DeFi not lowering down, it would be a major block I think.

AVAX and Solana have too high Fully Diluted Market Cap.

Solana and Polygon seems to be the most promising.

Polygon/MATIC is the best place to do DeFi at the moment due to low cost and mature ecosystem, a lot of DeFi protocol available.

I don't like Binance so no there's no Binance chain here.

Is Solana chain really doing that many transactions per second at the moment? It does have 250% TVL to the Polygon though.

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