Corgi has been one of the top gainers for the past month. As of this posting right now it is up over 25x since the coinmarket listing last week! Come join us on /r/corgiarmy!

Some info about CorgiCoin:

​CORGI is the first equitable dogecoin on Binance Smart Chain. Just launched! Currently at 11 million marketcap, with a super active telegram that is rapidly growing! There is a fixed supply of 10 billion corgis with no inflation! Very early stage – anyone can buy a big chunk of the market supply for cheap and catch the ride to $1/CORGI.

The devs are in it for the long haul and committed to achieving USD Parity ($1/coin) for a $10b market cap.

100% community owned: 100% of total supply locked and keys burnt (verifiable on BSCScan). CORGI is 100% community owned. In the spirit of decentralization, there are no large chunks owned by celebrities or other groups. All tokens are available for pups everywhere!

CORGI lives on the Binance Smart Chain, so fees to transfer and exchange it are 100 times less than for ERC-20 tokens.

Total supply of 10bn tokens with no burn or inflation

The CORGI team is in this for the long haul. CORGI has a seasoned team of developers with deep experience in blockchain and financial markets.

Proof of locked tokens:

Proof of burned keys:






Buy CorgiCoins on pancakeswap here:

Price Chart:

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