Founders edition NFTs instantly sold out with resales up to 25 bnb. Play2win litepaper has been released with lots of good mechainics and details.

Your going to get to open loot boxs that will either contain NFTs, crypto, or other prizes. First start up of play to win comes in a couple months with the chance to win $25k if you collect all the specially marked NFTs. People should really check out these guys. Retro gaming on the blockchain. They already have 2 working games you can play for fun. Chainman a pacman style game with knights and ghost knights. Moonwar a intergalatic shoot um up. They have given out a bunch of BNB when play2earn was going on. So they definitly are legit as far as being what they claim to be. There games have apps coming to both android and ios. Android betas are in hands of testers. You will be able to just use your wallet address and create a login once these are finalized for your earning. They are doing a virtual 3d style arcade hangout where you can voice chat and trade with other players. Reminds me of a playstation home style social enviroment. Lots more to come as well. So far these guys have been putting in lots of work and it shows. Worth your time to check out for sure.




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