$CEEZUR news - Big pump on the way

For those who do not know what $CEEZUR is, it is a Solana memecoin that has been making waves in the last few days. HAHA it rhymes. Anyway, there are big plans expected that will be realized this week. They will bring in a lot of new investors and community members that will help us with the work.

So what are all these news and green flags of $CEEZUR?

  • Advertising on different social networks will be paid this week
  • New animations for Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. are expected to be out also this week
  • Rome trip giveaway and UFC tickets giveaway are going to happen at 10M and 50M market cap
  • Airdrops to holders at 500K, 2.5M and 10M market cap
  • We have gone through a difficult situation lately but our strong community showed how strong it is and helped us get through it.
  • $CEEZUR is in unsaturated memecoin niche and is extremely memeable. Going viral will be a piece of cake for us.

$100 now will be worth over 10k once we hit 10M market cap. And believe me, THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!This is the perfect time to buy a bag. Do not miss your chance


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