Is Base chain becoming the new frontier for Memecoin?

Crypto is always a circle manipulated by whales and those that understand the volatility. Meme trading seem to be more volatile but gives high return with careful research. Memecoin are typically based on hype that is why some analysts always advices newbies not to hold this asset because some will never regain ATH after the […]

$VoteDoge flash giveaway!

Biden has just announced that he is not standing for reelection, and to help Our friends at $Boden we are hosting a special giveaway of 1K USD Worth of Votedoge. The biggest $Boden holder will receive $300 and 17 random $Boden holder will each receive $50 USD worth of VoteDoge. How to Participate: Join our […]

Hege is breaking out, I tried to tell you yesterday… There is a lot of alpha being shared at the moment, and many reputable thought-leaders are telling us that the alt-season is rapidly approaching. A huge transfer of wealth is about to happen, and each bullrun has a narrative. I strongly believe that this bullrun’s narrative will be around cult-coins. If you’ve never heard […]

New Song “Biden’s Napping” by VoteDoge! 🎶

Hey everyone, After our success at the RNC, we’re back with something fun! Check out our new song, “Biden’s Napping.” It’s a playful track that adds some humor to the political scene and shows VoteDoge’s energetic spirit. Highlights: Catchy and Fun: “Biden’s Napping” is all about keeping things lively and entertaining. Our Style: True to […]


We are on the ascent, preparing for an exciting journey to new heights. Now is the perfect time to join our venture and invest in Nancy coins. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of our ambitious mission. Secure your Nancy coins today and be part of the future. Join our telegram for more […]

Hege, the TIME is NOW

Your time is now If you didn’t manage to buy $hege since it went live a few months ago, then right now is a golden opportunity as it’s about to be listed on MEXC on Tuesday 23/07 the crypto-gods have even given you a little discount to get started. We’re starting to see early adopters […]

$Hege – The best investment in the memecoinmarket – Short to mid-term. If you want big gains today, this post is not for you. If you want massive 10x-20x gains in the near future, then keep on reading…

In the memecoinmarket, its all about timing, momentum, and whether or not the current price accurately reflects the current state of a project and what future potential the project has. Is the coin overbought or oversold according to the fundamentals of the project? If it is undervalued, then its just a matter of time before […]