The Privacy coin of Utopia P2P Ecosystem. Crypton (CRP) coin as a profitable Asset.

Crypton (CRP) can already be considered profitable and reliable for investors. And these are not empty words — CRP fully complies with the checklist which was specially created by our top exchange experts. Below we share this checklist with you. A Checklist to Help You Understand How Profitable Digital Assets AreHow can you know that […]

WWW token currently at 15k market cap only will skyrocket 100X as top 20 CEX listing is about to happen very soon according to their telegram and twitter. Catch your position and get ready for the moon. Hurry guys, this current price won’t be seen again.

WWW token is being developed by same developers that took Squid token to 40 million market cap. WWW is currently at 15k market cap only. It has been listed on CMC and preparing for a very special CEX listing that will probably do 100X! Join their telegram and witter on You an buy WWW […]

Homie Wars about to explode, it has crossed the resistance.

Homie Wars is currently at market cap of 1.1million and within the next 2 weeks Play to earn will be released which will flood in tons of investors and skyrocket the price along with baby doge partnership and cex listings and youtube videos. Check and join their twitter on . you can buy […]

[GUIDE] How to (partially) avoid getting rekt when investing in DeFi

The rise of DeFi has made the crypto space more vulnerable to hackers, with a whopping $3.8 billion stolen in 2022 alone. As DeFi protocols lack regulation and auditing, investors need to be cautious and conduct proper due diligence before investing. While researching can be challenging for non-tech web3 users, there are tools available that […]

Q Blockchain | A Novel Approach to Decentralized Governance

Problem Are you tired of the limitations of traditional blockchain technology? Want to know what’s next in the world of decentralized governance and integrated applications? Look no further than the Q blockchain – the revolutionary new platform that’s shaking up the blockchain landscape! What is Q Blockchain? Q is a cutting-edge blockchain that takes the […]

Is it possible to create a shitcoin with a very limited supply?

like make a coin token called “Shiny Doge” and give it a pretty icon, and have a max supply of 999 coins. give the first hundred away to influencers who can raise attention to the coin, sell the next hundred at $0.01 each, the next hundred at $0.10 each, and so on until you only […]