Friends, the time has come to join us on the grills!

BurgerBurnBSC launched on BSC only days ago. We are climbing up, slurping up dips like milkshakes, and eating up any whale sell-off like a juicy burger. Don't be left on the sidelines without something to eat!

The token's use case/roadmap is to be released with the whitepaper. According to the countdown on their website, only days remain! Rumor has it there will be multiple features, as the development will be ongoing. One of which is told to function passively as a charity for food service workers in need. I don't know about you, but as a former food service worker, this one hits close to home.

Currently holding strong at over 3m market cap. Even after a massive sell-off where evil whales dumped their bags, we rebounded back up, nearing ATH! We have grown to over 1,700 holders! CoinGecko applied, free Tech Rate audit finished and results posted, and CMC application finished. We are actively pursuing getting our logo into Trust Wallet, and looking for any other way to help our holders! Now is the time to ape, not sit on the sidelines anon.

Txns Fees: 2% burn, 3% liquduidity, 5% holder reflections. –> Total 10% txn "tax".

The contract address is 0xf594aacc5437a74591c8807b72acc6c160160015 (bsc)


Telegram can be reached at

Website is

I already aped, be sure to get in before we are an even higher price.

Come and join the BurgerBurnBSC vision. The TG is full of chill people, and we will have a discord coming fairly soon! Be sure to give some love to the dev, they are working hard on this!

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