So didn’t see much about this project literally anywhere when I searched so I wanted to share my experience with Block Sniper. I discovered it a month ago in a Telegram call channel, and after just peeping chat and watching the discussions for a while, I gave it a try.

So, what is it? Claims to be the world’s first auto trading bot (no idea if this is true but haven’t seen any more myself). I was SUPER sceptical as most of these so-called bots are scams. I put in about 2 SOL to test which was worth around $250 at the time (super irresponsible looking back at it with me being a college student 😭) but I was surprised that their software actually works.

It’s designed as a web app which you can use on PC or mobile works pretty much like Maestro bot does. I made a new wallet ofc to be cautious and from the transactions on my sol wallet, it seems like the bot just buys a bunch of tokens from a smart contract for small amounts and quick trades them. When I asked an admin how it works it seems like it scales up trades with funds from their liquidity pool from the other members who stake there and gives them and the Devs a percentage of your winnings.

It’s completely closed sourced software which is annoying but I understand them wanting to protect their IP. But the plus side is the team is completely doxed and cool. Admins need to get a grip of the copycat cloned domains trying to scam users. I was getting DMs from fake admins telling me to click on their fake links, this is what you have to watch out for.

PS. If you are wondering how much I made with it, with roughly a month’s usage I turned the 2 SOL into 5.6 SOL without adding anything else in terms of my own capital. I can imagine those who are using a higher amount would logically make more. So, I’m just going to let the gains compound so I can have more to play with. Big potential with this one, seems the team has a lot of bread but hasn’t started marketing properly.

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