The Smartest Dog on the BSC


Basenji is a reflection based token with a suite of decentralized applications under active development designed to encapsulate and utilize the vast quantities of dog tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They are intending to introduce two essential, crosschain DeFi application called Dogepark, and Racetrack. Dogepark that will allow users to breed (stake) their existing dog coins/tokens to create exciting new breeds of dogs (LP tokens). The first pioneers to create new breeds of a dog on the platform will receive an NFT to immortalize their new breed on the blockchain.


Racetrack is a cross-chain DeFi application that acts as a hub of light-hearted community competition. Enabling members to 'race' some of the top performing dog tokens against each other. Users will be able to choose which Dog based token (out of a list of popular top performers) will have the largest percentage increase within twenty four hours. Users will be able to spend some crypto on their chosen 'dog' and if their token wins the 'race' those particular astute observers will share in a prize pool comprised of LP made from all 'bets'. This will feature a fun visual element and room for community to view, who's siding with which token and other friendly- competitive elements.


So far the Basenji Dev team are, open to questions, communicating actively in TG chat and appear to be genuinely capable of managing their goals. The dev has previously worked on another project that reached the hundreds of millions milestone and is excited to further display their solidity abilities.


Token Details and Features

  • Token Name: Basenji

  • Token Symbol: BASED

  • Token Type: BEP-20 (Pancakeswap V2)

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

  • Contract Source Code Verified on BSC Scan ✅

  • 40% Supply Burned 🔥

  • Liquidity Locked with UniCrypt for 3 Months with extension to come



  • 4% fee auto added to liquidity pool.

  • 2% fee auto distributed to all holders.

  • 40% of Basenji supply is burned from the beginning.



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