Hey guys,

A younger me dabbled with crypto back in 2017. I had all sorts of hot wallets, tried several exchanges and decided to do some digging on some transactions. Turns out for whatever reason I was sending coins to at least 5 different addresses. Most are empty but two contain some funds I’m hoping is possible to get at. I was able to confirm that two of these wallets have funds on BlockchainExplorer.

Knowing what I know now, I’m not looking to use any seed phrases because I don’t have any. For instance, I’m able to log into Coinbase without the use of any seed. Also hoping it could belong to a paper wallet or something which would get the gears moving.

What makes me hopeful is I’m hoping to know if there’s a way I can know exactly who generated the public addresses in question. One of the many hot wallets? A paper wallet? Coinbase? Is it on an exchange? I have login credentials I would have used for access. Am I SOL? (Not the coin).

Any help appreciated.

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