So everyone knows that the country is fucked up right now, right? But what does that have to do with crypto? Lemme put some numbers together for you guys.

Here in Brazil the minimum wage is R$ 1100, that is about 198 US dolars. And I know that's bad, but it gets even WORSE.

30% of brazilian people earn less than 25% of the minimum wage, that is 24,5 MILLION people living with less than 49,5 dolars per month. Crazy, right?

In the last distribution we had 0.2885 Moons per karma, the maximum ammount of karma counted towards that is 15000. So the maximum ammount of moons earned was 4327.

Right now, the moon to real ratio is 1 moon = R$ 1,14 (brazilian real).

So in the last distribution the big farmers got R$ 4933,35, which would be a VERY NICE salary here in this country.

To put some jobs in perspective a teacher earns about R$ 3000 IF they work in multiple schools, doing multiple shifts.

Firefighter? R$ 4539

Police officer? R$ 2990

A master's scholarship is R$ 1500

A doctor's scholarship is R$ 2200

A FUCKING PHD'S scholarship is R$ 4100

In resume, one of the bests things you can do with your time in Brazil is shitposting on reddit, because shitposting pays WAY more than all the low class jobs we have here.

I would like to thank the two people that would read this, you guys are the best.

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