Preparing for a HUGE launch during and at the 2021 Miami Crypto Expo 🚨

⚠️Massive Marketing Leading until Launch (11th of November)⚠️

🌐 Website going live today! 🌐

BNB Rewards, & a pay to earn Idle Game! 🎁💰

We are exited to announce that we are going to be LAUNCHING the game during the 2021 MIAMI CRYPTO EXPO with 5000+ Investors attending. 🥂

With massive BSC News advertising at launch and a countdown on a big screen TV at the booth during the Expo 🚀🎆

Hyper Rocket will be built on the Binance Smart Chain. Designed with Impressive graphics and smooth mechanics. In the game, each spaceship offers a specific staking option, and an amount of days it lasts. Even with the option of an ever lasting ship, that one will be paying smaller % per day, but could mean much larger returns throughout the life of the game.🎮

BNB rewarded for an user can be claimed at any point through "claim". This can be used at any time, as rewards are dynamic. 💵

A portion of the BNB from Hyper Rocket will go to a BNB Hyper Rise buyback wallet, allowing the chart behavior to be even more bullish. 📈

A famous marketing agency is working on our pre-release marketing campaign, and we plan on heavy marketing during & after launch. Leading to the release of the game, Poocoin, BscScan, and many other ads, as well as AMAs and influencer backing!

Join our Telegram for a chance to get a spot on the Whitelist!

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