Their CEO made a speech in the bitcoin festival, along with bitboy Michael Saylor!

Stay informed with the latest news regarding their community by joining their telegram group

?Where to buy from? Pancakeswap! ?

?What are the HOTTEST news around Afrostar token? ?

?Huge offline marketing campaign – Afrostar is all around London on busses and the tube!

?Incredible online marketing done by the team!

?1600 BNB Presale sold out in less than hour, 700 BNB Public sale sold out in 8 SECONDS!

?9000+ holders for 6 days! Amazing!

?Went from 2m marketcap to 20m marketcap in 1 hour of release, currently at 54m marketcap!

?15m trading volume for just 6 days!

? What is Afrostar token all about?

The crypto currency aims to be THE digital currency that is trusted and used across the continent, and a top crypto currency worldwide. The Afrostar ecosystem will provide a range of powerful real world use cases for the Afrostar token.

? Multiple steps taken to protect investors:

?LP Locked – The liquidity pool is locked which means it can’t be rug pulled, thereby protecting investors

?Toxic whale tax – This progressive smart tax helps protect against sudden price drops and aims to reduce price volatility

?Buy back fund – This is used to support the token price as and when needed. It will also boost investor confidence

?Auto LP Generated – The auto LP help create a price floor for the token and also helps make the price more stable

?Bot killer smart code – Their bot killer code helps protect against trading bots that try to manipulate the crypto price

?Multi signature wallet – To provide extra security, a minimum of 3 signatures are required to unlock the Business Angels wallet

? What is going to be their core utility? I present to you the copy trading Afrostar app!

The founders are using their 20 years’ experience in the investment industry to develop a powerful, user friendly one stop crypto trading app. People will be able to buy and sell crypto and also have the choice to auto copy the trades of other people. A range of simple but powerful filters and statistics will give users the ability to select traders that match their criteria.

The developers plan on launching the app on 2022.

? Why should you invest in Afrostar? There are some key project facts!

✅World class team running the project

✅Currently $500,000+ are spent on marketing

✅Extensive marketing both online crypto and mass media

✅500,000 + existing clients of Afrostar team members as potential Afrostar investors

✅Massive worldwide PR booked and paid for

✅Highly experienced tech team who have done successful crypto launches before

✅Huge offline marketing campaigns already booked (billboards, newspapers, buses, underground, radio)

?Contract BSC:



?Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

? 10% taxes:

2% Buy back fund

6% Marketing & Development

2% Holders rewards

♻️Token distribution:

?Airdrop: 8%

?Liquidity pool: 20%

?Private Sale: 10%

?Ecosystem/Dev: 7%

?Partnerships: 4%

?Burn: 5%

?Advisors: 3%

?Business Angels Project 3%

?Presale: 40%

? Join the community and feel the great vibe!

Afrostar token’s team has given you a wide variety of social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.

? Website:

? Telegram:



? Twitter:


? Facebook:

? Instagram:

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