Disclaimer: I know personally the devs behind the project as I've been in contact with them on Telegram since long time already. They have made KYC on PinkSale – so no Huge Risk for investors.

Of Course, DYOR and DD. Hopefully Will Moon ?


Presale: November 3rd 8pm UTC


The team at Elonagotchi is very diverse. They have great experience in marketing, web design, coding, modding, project management, and running companies. Everyone here played Tamagotchi as kids and we were so excited to bring this to you!

SAFU Audit

They have been audited by SAFU, and are KYC doxed with Pink sale. Team will maintain a code of ethics and will be transparent in all aspects of the project.

Key differences?

Elonagotchi is creating engaging ways to keep people involved in Elonagotchi even when development is underway. The project utilizes proven techniques used by social media and mobile game giants to keep people active while generating free viral marketing. These techniques will create a long-lasting project with great ways to earn.

Elonagotchi ? is a BEP-20 play to earn gaming and NFT token with various ways to earn. Don’t like gaming? Feel free to buy and enjoy passive rewards paid out in BUSD every 60 minutes. Wanna save Elon? Play and win tokens based off your Elon score. Play HARD earn HARDER. Competitive play will offer chances to win special Elonagotchi NFTs!


8% BUSD Reflections (automatic)

2% Marketing

2% Liquidity

2% Buyback (manual)


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