Words fall generally short of the elation I am feeling in the market today, but I wanted to say to everyone who's been hanging on, congratulations.

Now that we’re in an uptrend, let’s make some more.

If you didn’t see Catgirl skyrocket to 10 figures last night, then you might not be aware that we’ve already moved on from doggies. While still cute and still the most owned animal by crypto holders, both in a digital and physical sense, cats are owned by 38.5% of crypto users according to the linked study.

That’s only 5% less than crypto+dog owners, meaning we know felines are well loved in the community, and if we had to guess which animal won the meme war in Web 2.0, reddits population of 3M users on r/cats vs. 2M users on r/dogs should give you an idea there.

That’s right. As if prescribed by the ancient Egyptians, the cat meta will continue to rise until it rules over us in equal parts with the doge meta.

Based on my peer-reviewed research, cat coins will experience a massive 10x – 100x – 1000x cycle similar to a popular doge cycle. Double checked with the lab too, they projected a “for sure, gonna happen” confidence interval on this assessment.

Sakura Neko just launched two days ago, with every dip eaten up on route to a new ATH. At a $7M market cap, with BSC activity and BNB price running towards ATH levels, and a migration of doge money into cat money, these next few days are to be extremely profitable for those who heed this warning.

With the volume you are seeing, it won’t be long before this token is trending on all of your favorite charting sites, having been listed on CG immediately.

Not to mention the based devs have already released a P2E game featured on its slick website. With some serious marketing still on the way, $NEKO will be easy find everywhere soon enough. So make sure you enjoy it now while it’s still a rare gem.

You’ll certainly have a lot of time before it’s too late. But the best entry you’re going to find is going to be today.

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