Take 5 mins to check this out, if you truly understand crypto you will not be disappointed. Top quality project and team!

So impressed with how yummy switched from v1 to v2. Creating a new growth fund which adds value daily. Now its just announced Nfts with utility to earn. Some very interesting stuff is happening with yummy and will be very interesting to see where yummy is after the big burn in January.

Run down on yummy.

A CEO who has put hundreds of thousands of his own dollars into the project…And then guaranteed to hold $200k of that investment for a year.

Why YummyCrypto?

– Yummy V2 is Optimized for flexibility, growth, and giving back value to holders -Equipped with Growth Fund Worth $1.2M approx. -Capable of daily buy backs and burns -Upcoming single token staking -World Class partnerships like, BKFC, NCAA, Kevin Pietersen, Sir Kenny Danglish, UNICEF and many more. -NFTs (utility integrated with staking and more) -Upcoming Discounted Yummy Academy for complicated crypto subjects -Yummy Staking Multiplier (Scales by Number of NFTs owned)

Here is the utility list for the Yummy NFTs:

?Each Yummy gives you discount 10% in Yummy Academy. 10 gets you FREE Academy forever ?

?Each Yummy gives you more in the Yummy Staking Pools for a max of 100%. Example: staking pool is yielding 140%. If you have 100 NFTs, yield is 280% instead (or 2x) ?

?Each Yummy gives you further discount in future NFT purchases

?Anyone with 50 Yummy NFTs or more can buy up to $3,000 a month of Yummy Token tax free. At 100 Yummy NFTs that bonus is tripled to $9,000 ?

?Whoever reaches 1000 NFTs first can burn them to create the Hand of Thanos, a one-of-a-kind NFT that cannot be obtained through any other method. The Hand of Thanos gives you all above benefits PLUS 0.2% of Thanos Growth Fund yield for LIFE ?

Conclusion –

Has a very unique #GrowthFund

Designed by an expert

Has over $1,200,000 staked (approx $2000 daily yields)

Buys & burns daily

Never ever sells a single token

Currently exceeding expectations

Huge partnerships


NFTs to earn

CEO committed $200k to the growth fund which is locked for 12 months. Definitely a stable and long term plan here.

Contract address


Very promising project, a truly unique opportunity!

Website: yummy-crypto.com

Telegram group: t.me/yummycoin

Discord Group: discord.gg/uTS72YmpVd

Twitter: twitter.com/YummyCrypto

Instagram: instagram.com/yummycharity

Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialYummyCoin

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/YummyProjectOfficial

Reddit: reddit.com/r/yummycoin

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