Yin Yang is the first project of its kind, opening the doors to an unexplored concept in the crypto-space. This project will launch two tokens, Yin and Yang, that complement each other. Yin holders will be rewarded in Yang, and Yang holders will be rewarded in Yin. Whenever reward distribution is triggered, one of the above tokens will buy the other, creating a situation where a balance can be formed between both tokens.

Alongside exploring the new concept of complementing tokens, the project aims to develop a NFT ecosystem around the theme of Yin Yang, in order to develop external revenue streams.

The project will be releasing NFTs designed by artists. These will be purchasable through a Loot Box system. Members will receive a randomly selected NFT. Members will have the chance to receive NFTs with varying rarity. They also plan on launching merchandise related to the NFTs and a NFT game!

✅ 60 BNB Private Sale

🛒 2 x 150 BNB Presale

🤖 NFT Loot Boxes

👕 NFT Merchandise

🎮 NFT Game

💰 Rewards

🕵️ Audited by InterFi

🌐 Website: yinyangtokens.com

☎️ Telegram: t.me/Yin_Yang_BSC

🏆 Whitelist: sweepwidget.com/view/37674-ei0syonb

All team members are recognized for launching several legitimate projects on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). For the Yin Yang project, two team members have decided to use pseudonyms and have both doxxed to the third. They plan to dox to the community in the future.

The contracts will be audited by InterFi prior to launch and will be made available to the public.

The presale will be held on pinksale.finance on Wednesday the 3rd of November at 15:00 UTC. Each token will have their own separate presale.

The launch of both tokens will happen approximately four (4) hours after the presale closes.

The liquidity will initially be locked for three (3) months on pinksale.finance after the presale, before the launch. This is due to the fact that we may need to fork the tokens for integration into the NFT game.

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