Xiaomao was born from the idea of a crypto community, with a focus on unique fun together with this sweet and tender girl. Everyone is now talking about Xiaomao, no one is left without her gift, wearing it brings good luck according to legends.

Institutional adoption is inevitable and thanks to memes it is possible for this adoption to reach any user, with Xiaomao we will help and contribute our grain to mass adoption. Be sure to buy Xiaomao, don’t let them tell you about it!


STAKING: Make use of the 3 staking modes available in the Dapp, with which you can obtain profits from 5% APY to 50% APY, these being stable values for the Xiaomao economy.

BUYBACK AND DEFLATION: Consider investing in a cryptocurrency that utilizes buyback and deflation mechanisms to increase the value of your investment over time. With regular buybacks of the circulating supply and a decreasing total supply, these tokens can provide long-term value and stability for investors. Plus, as the value of the token increases, so too does the potential for significant returns on your investment.

MERCHANDISING: Use your $XIA in the purchase of MERCHANDISING, available in the future Dapp.

Why Invest in Xiaomao?

Transparent Team: Our team is fully transparent and dedicated to the project’s success. Regular updates and AMAs ensure that you’re always in the loop.

Growing Ecosystem: We have exciting plans for the future, including partnerships, NFT integrations, and more!

Community Rewards: Active community members will have opportunities to earn additional XIA through various campaigns and competitions.


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